Computer hardware engineer experience letter


Computer hardware engineer experience letter

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Experience letter



Mr/ Ms. ____________


Dear Mr./ Ms. _____________,

This is to certify that Mr/Mrs. __________________ ( name of the employee ) was working at ___________________( Company Name ) As _______________ ( designation of the employee ) from ____________________ ( date of joining) to _______________( last working date ).

His/her responsibilities includes:……………….

During his/her tenure, we found him to be …………………his services were found to be satisfactory.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

For ___________________________
HR manager

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Cover letter do's and don'ts:

Tips TO DO:

1. In the first paragraph, address the name of the recruitment job and the information source you have known about the job from.

2. Try to find out the name and position of the recruiter.

3. Write the cover letter based on recruitment information on the recruitment ad; try to give specific examples of your relevant experiences to the recruitment job.

4. Sign at the end of the cover letter.

5. After finishing writing, read the letter again to check for any spelling or grammatical errors. You may also have others check this out for you.

6. Write a brief cover letter – within 01 A4 page only. Each paragraph consists of only 2 – 4 sentences.

7. Specify in the letter that you attach with the letter a resume or other necessary documents.

8. In the last paragraph, write your contact number.

9. Prepare a clean and nice envelope.


1. Send a cover letter without a resume or CV.

2. Make request on the salary.

3. Repeat information you have provided in the CV or resume.

4. Make a general statement on your experience and abilities. It will be better to specify in a brief way.

5. Address your benefits if you get employed.

6. Provide irrelevant information.

7. Address information that a candidate cannot know unless he or she gets into the interview round.

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